Auto Insurance

Clark and Bell Insurance partners with numerous vehicle insurance companies along Florida's Southwest Coast. Whether you're a standard, preferred or high-risk driver, we can build an affordable policy to suit your needs, no matter the risk-level:

  • Young drivers
  • Florida SR22 drivers
  • Super Preferred Drivers: Older and mature drivers; drivers with few or no accidents
  • Drivers cited for “no-insurance”
  • Drivers with a high number of tickets or accidents
Clark and Bell Insurance: We take care in your coverage.

RV Insurance

At Clark and Bell Insurance, we understand that your RV is like a home away from home. Whatever you use it for—family vacations, touring the country, etc.—you’ve probably got lots of time, money and memories invested in it. Protect your RV from the unexpected with a comprehensive insurance policy from Clark and Bell Insurance, Fort Myers, Florida.

Clark and Bell Insurance: We take care in your coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance

Right now, Southwest Florida motorcyclists are revving up for summer. If you don’t have proper insurance coverage for your highway grumbler, you could find yourself trapped inside a car this season. Don’t let it happen!

Greet the open highway with the confidence of comprehensive motorcycle coverage from Clark and Bell Insurance, Fort Myers FL.
Clark and Bell Insurance: We take care in your coverage.

Boat Insurance

For many residents along Florida’s Southwest Coast, the crystal blue waters of the Gulf are a summertime ritual. Whether your watercraft of choice is a boat, a yacht, a set of jet skis or something else, don’t forget: The ocean belongs to all. You have a responsibility to yourself, your family and to your neighbors to be properly insured.

Clark and Bell Insurance, Fort Myers Florida, can find you affordable watercraft coverage. We’ll answer all your questions about coverage requirements and carriers, too.

Now and into the future, putting your interests first—that’s the Clark and Bell Insurance way.

Contact Clark and Bell Insurance today for a free watercraft insurance quote. Or, for a free online watercraft insurance quote, click over to our Watercraft Quote page.